Mindset's Investor Due Diligence (IDD) Bundled Course Package,
In Association With LVE Trust

Learn From Professional Investors The Proven Processes To A Successful Capital Raise, Then Receive The Cannabis / Hemp Related Consulting & Network Opportunities You Need To Succeed.

How Mindset & LVE Trust Can Work Together For You!

Mindset Startup Academy is the first online educational platform to provide proven strategies and guidance, in relation to the process of startup and early stage capital raise, which is open to any and all founders and business owners. Regardless of your background and/or entrepreneurial experience, Mindset Startup Academy can teach you how to prepare for your capital raise and how to engage investors. The Mindset curriculum is built upon proven strategies of professional investors, and includes interviews from some of America's most prominent Venture Capital firms and Angel Groups which provide additional insight and context to the Mindset educational process. Visit our homepage for a detailed description of how the Mindset educational process works.

LVE Trust is a full scale hemp industry service provider. We specialize in six sectors of the market from farm to family: Consumer Goods Wholesale Distribution, Farm Agriculture, Extraction, Equipment, and Consulting Services. As a trusted advisor, LVE Trust understands the importance of being properly funded in order to achieve your business related objectives as well as to take advantage of unforeseen opportunities. Raising capital can be hard enough. Raising capital within the cannabis or hemp industries can be even more difficult for operators. And that's why Mindset and LVE Trust have joined forces, to bring cannabis and hemp related business owners and operators the specialty skill sets needed to help complete the arduous and time consuming process of cannabis / hemp related capital raise.

By becoming a Mindset Startup Academy student, over the course of 90 days you will learn the details of how to structure your capital raise offering for investors and how to stand out from the crowd. During your Mindset experience, LVE Trust will conduct a series of consultations with you and your team to better understand your objectives and to provide network support which may strengthen your position to investors. Visit the LVE Trust website for more details.

To get started today, just click the blue 'Enroll Now' button found throughout this page. If you'd like to chat with LVE Trust prior to getting started, you may email them at [email protected]


Your Instructor

Mindset Startup Academy
Mindset Startup Academy

Mindset Startup Academy is a unique and 'first of its kind' educational platform designed to educate startups and early stage companies on how early stage investors review deals and make investment decisions. Whether your are a first time entrepenuer, or an experienced Founder, Mindset can help you and your team be more effective capital raisers.

Visit the Mindset Startup Academy Webpage.

Your Consultant

Mindset Startup Academy
LVE Trust

LVE Trust is a full scale hemp industry service provider. We specialize in six sectors of the market from farm to family: Consumer Goods Wholesale Distribution, Farm Agriculture, Extraction, Equipment, and Consulting Services. Our clients operate in every legal country in the world that grows or processes hemp. We have several International strategic partners that work with LVE Trust to obtain the most competitive pricing for our clients and ultimately the consumer. We are very proud of the work we have done to date. LVE Trust formed organically through the genuine needs of farms and extraction companies needs for a sophisticated means of navigating the unknown. LVE Trust started by advising hemp farms on selling hemp biomass in 2014. It began with one hemp farm and one processor. As of 2019, we have grown to work with 1,000’s of hemp farmers and over 100 lab processors globally. We are headquartered in Oregon with team members located throughout the U.S., Canada, Europe, Africa and Latin America.

Visit the LVE Trust Website.

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the Mindset IDD Bundled Course start and finish?

This online course bundle (including courses #1 - 12) entitled 'Investor Due Diligence Bundled Course Package" is available to you immediately upon enrollment.

Form the specific date and time in which you enroll in this package, Mindset will release 4 of the 12 online courses every 30 days. Here is the release date calendar for this 12 part package:

1) Once you enroll you will receive access to Online Courses 1-4 of the Investor Due Diligence (IDD) Bundled Course Package.

2) On your 30 day anniversary Mindset will release to you Online Courses 5-9 of the Investor Due Diligence (IDD) Bundled Course Package.

3) And on your 60 day anniversary Mindset will release to you the final Online Courses 10-12 of the Investor Due Diligence (IDD) Bundled Course Package.

What Happens After My 90 Day Access To The Investor Due Diligence Package Ends?
Once you've completed your 90 days, if you'd like to keep your online access open to these 12 online courses, Mindset will offer you a low monthly rate to keep your Mindset On Demand account open for an extended period of time. This offer will be provided to you as you near your 90 day anniversary with Mindset On Demand.
What if I am unhappy with a course?
We would never want you to be unhappy! If you are unsatisfied with a course, please contact Mindset at [email protected] Our helpful Admin Team will be happy to find an accommodation which meets your needs.
What role does LVE Trust play in this process?

LVE Trust is a Mindset Startup Academy Affiliate. Given LVE Trust's position as a trusted advisor and consultant within the cannabis and hemp related industries, LVE Trust understands the power that strong capital raising skills can have on a cannabis related business. Because of this, LVE Trust's Affiliate status allows LVE Trust to market Mindset Startup Academy services to business owners and operators within the cannabis industries who LVE Trust believes could benefit from a deep understanding of how to pitch your business to investors for the purposes of capital investment.

LVE Trust may also work with you to better understand your needs and ambitions within the cannabis industries, and curtail advise, networking, and/or consulting services which may complement your Mindset education as well as your business related objectives.

How to get started with Mindset and LVE Trust?

To get started today, simply click the blue ‘Enroll Now’ link found throughout this page. Once you sign up for the course, Mindset will release to you online courses 1-4 of the bundled package, with future courses being released according to the schedule referenced above. During your first month of Mindset enrollment, LVE Trust will reach out to you to discuss your business related objectives and goals, share with you the tools and resources available to you and your team via LVE Trust, and provide you any support and advice you may need in your cannabis related business.

As you progress through the Mindset curriculum, LVE Trust will be your resource team to help you customize your capital raise educational experience to the unique needs and constraints of the various cannabis related industries.